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About us


Small innovative enterprise "NanoScan" was created on the basis of the largest regional research and education center FBGOU VPO PSU. The main activities are the development of high-tech devices, micro-and nanoelectronics, as well as the production of micro-and nanostructures in the film version on a variety of substrates and the creation of topological relief of micro-and nano-scale by optical or e-beam lithography. The resulting structure can be used as ingredients in new functional areas of science and technology. In addition, they can perform the role of passive coatings, particularly decorative, transition, security, etc.


To date, LLC "NanoScan" provides a wide range of services on the morphology, micro-and nano-object structure of electronic equipment, forestry and mining industries.


All employees of LLC "NanoScan" are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience. The staff consists of candidates and doctors of physical and mathematical sciences. At various times, employees of the company have worked and trained in such scientific and technological centers and companies as APT (Applied Phase Transition, USA), Laboratory of Solid State Physics at the Swedish Institute of technology, «Samsung» (South Korea).